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Cherryman Office Furniture

Cherryman Office Furniture


Office Furniture and Seating is proud to carry office desks, storage cabinets, hutches, bookcases, conference tables and chairs as part of our extensive inventory. We offer pieces of office furniture from Cherryman's Verde, Ruby, Amber, Emerald and Jade lines. These tasteful collections each offer their own unique style, with a range of finishes including a rich Mahogany and a beautiful Chestnut Cherry. Choose the one that best matches your office's decor, or make the furniture the focal point of a simply decorated office to create a work environment that is professional yet relaxing. Whether you're looking to buy one piece of office furniture or a dozen, we offer a wide selection of Cherryman Office Furniture at affordable prices.

Cherryman has been providing high-quality office furniture solutions to business and home offices throughout the United States and Canada for the past decade. They are a pioneer in delivering affordable, dependable products, and have been recognized for their dedication to providing sustainable office solutions to North American businesses. As strong advocates of environmental protection, they set high standards for themselves and follow all national regulations in order to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible.

A Commitment to the Environment

If you are committed to creating a "green office", Cherryman manufactures a versatile line of office furniture products to enhance any space and satisfy your company's needs for a specific work environment. If you're interested in sustainability and want to reduce your company's footprint, choosing Cherryman office furniture supports a company that is dedicated to following environmentally-friendly processes as well as producing products with proven sustainability. In fact, Cherryman has already taken major steps in the intelligent use of today's resources by utilizing wood veneers constructed from recycled post-industrial materials, and they adhere to some of the industry's strictest manufacturing policies.

Through their efforts, they are not only saving the rain forests, but Cherryman Office Furniture has also decreased the need to purchase replacement furniture by manufacturing items with a ten-year warranty which immediately reduces landfill waste. In addition, Cherryman decentralized their warehousing and created four nationwide centers to lessen the amount of fossil fuel used for the distribution of their office products.

Cherryman Office Desks

U-shaped, L-shaped or rectangular, Cherryman makes office desks to fit the needs of any individual's work load. To accommodate both large and small offices, as well as personal preference for the size of the desk, they come in a number of lengths, widths and depths. We also carry modesty panels, pencil drawers and other accessories to customize your work stations, office desks and training rooms.

Storage Cabinets, Hutches and Bookcases

Books, customer or client files, office supplies, your laptop or coat -- no matter what you need to tuck away for safe keeping, there's a storage cabinet that will do the job. Choose from a several storage solutions that are available in all sizes so that you're not wasting precious office space while trying to keep your office balanced and fully functional.

Give your office more storage space, while keeping your most important and most frequently used items within arm's reach, by adding a hutch to your desk. Whether you want a standalone bookcase, a whole wall of them, or just one that's part of your work area, we have one that will do the job. We have three- and five-shelf bookcases to match your desk, tables and chairs.

Cherryman Chairs

The Cherryman line of chairs includes numerous styles that match the desks, bookcases and cabinets in the various lines of furniture. Each line has its own unique style of guest chairs, designed to provide style to the office and comfort for those sitting in the chair. Cherryman also has a sleek and stylish line of ergonomic, mesh Respond chairs. These are perfect for office workers who sit for the majority of the day, allowing them proper posture and comfort .

Conference Tables

Conference rooms come in all sizes and Cherryman has a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of any company meeting room. From small round tables to long oval or rectangular tables, we've got one that will fit your office's conference room. Our beautiful wood veneers are flat cut and slip matched from premium grade qualities for a stylish line of corporate conference tables.

Cherryman Office Furniture Discounts

Right now, you can save thousands on our special prices for Cherryman Office Furniture and Seating as well as receive FREE shipping to your office door. As always, you can choose to buy online on call us direct for volume pricing or personal assistance with your order.

With the numerous options we provide, you'll find the right size and finish to complete your corporate, commercial, industrial, institutional or home office. If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Office Furniture and Seating. Our furniture experts are on hand to give you personalized attention in making the best purchase for your needs. Contact us today.